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Tennessee's Life Defence Act of 2012 Will Name Abortion Providing Doctors, Reveal Patients

A new bill currently under consideration in Tennessee is drawing the ire of activists who worry that the bill will unfairly target doctors and women.

The new bill known as the Life Defense Act of 2012 would reveal the names of doctors who perform abortions and could inadvertently identify women who undergo the procedure.

Under current state rules abortion providers currently must record information about each patient which is collected by the Tennessee Department of Health however that information is kept private.

The Life Defense Act of 2012 would require that the collected info be published online.

Supporters of the bill say the new act would increase the flow of information regarding abortions in the state, while opponents say it’s nothing more than a measure to pressure doctors into avoiding the practice for fear of their own lives. Opponents also worry that the Life Defense Act will intimidate women who are seeking an abortion.

In what might be the most tragically flawed aspect of the bill, a doctor who is not an abortion specialist but who must perform the procedure in the case of emergencies or miscarriages would still be named.


Source : The Inquisitr : Read the whole story here.

Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds: Coming Soon to a State Near You

As my colleague Maya Dusenbery noted a few days ago, Virginia's new law requiring every woman to undergo an ultrasound before she can get an abortion is still terrible, even if women can opt-out of the transvaginal probe portion.

Most abortions take place within 12 weeks after a woman becomes pregnant. And if the woman has been pregnant for eight weeks or less, conducting an ultrasound generally requires the doctor to insert a probe in a woman's vagina in order to actually see or hear anything. Virginia is not alone in its desire to subject women to invasive probes before they are allowed to get an abortion, a legally protected medical procedure. Twenty states already have laws dictating rules for ultrasounds, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Here are seven other states that have advanced similar measures in the last year:

Alabama: State Sen. Clay Scofield offered his own ultrasound measure a few weeks ago, which included a penalty of up to 10 years in jail and a $15,000 fine if doctors don't carry out the procedure. But Schofieldbacked off component of the bill that would have required doctors to stick a probe in women's vaginas, instead offering that a woman could undergo the "method of ultrasound that she would be more comfortable with."

Idaho: State Sen. Chuck Winder (R-Boise) has introduced yet another bill requiring an ultrasound . . .

Source : Mother Jones : Read the rest of the story here:

Indiana lawmaker: Girl Scouts a 'radicalized organization'

A lawmaker has sent a letter to fellow Republican members of the Indiana House saying he will not support a resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts because he believes it is a "radicalized organization" that supports abortion and promotes homosexuality.

In a letter obtained by The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne on Saturday, Rep. Bob Morris of Fort Waynesaid he did some research on the Internet and found allegations that the Girl Scouts are a tactical arm ofPlanned Parenthood, allow transgender females to join and encourage sex. Here's the text of Morris' letter from the Journal Gazette Website.

"After talking to some well-informed constituents, I did a small amount of web-based research, and what I found is disturbing," Morris wrote in his letter, which also accused the group of promoting "homosexual lifestyles."

Ashley Sharp, spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana, said Monday a statement on the group's website states that it leaves sex and reproduction questions to parents. The group accepts transgender youth on a case-by-case basis.

Source : Chicago Tribune : Read the whole story here.

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